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India! Whose identity is unity in diversity. After every 10 kilometers, there is a change in language, dress-up, culture, food, religion etc. Despite this diversity, India is an example of mutual goodwill. India has 28 states and 9 union territories with 732 districts. When you start searching on Google about these districts and cities of India, you will find nothing except some famous cities. We Indians leave our beautiful country and go abroad to hang out with friends, but we do not even explore 5% of our country, keeping this in mind, “POSITIVE 2 INDIA” has made videos on all cities of India in a campaign as responsibility. In which we are moving slowly but with strong steps, which will be helpful in getting people from all over the world to come forward in the coming times.

With the hope that all the Indians will support us in this campaign, everything else is fine!!!

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He is Public Relations & Communication Strategy expert, served in various organisation including Embassy of UAE. He is resourceful researcher & analyst.
She is Digital Marketing expert and successfully handled various digital campaign to reach out the target audience. She is social media consultant to various organisations.
He is founder of Asia Times TV & Asia Times Foundation. He is a regular commentator on Indian political issues. His journalism carrier crossed a decade.
He is an Indian journalist, editor, and noted public speaker. He is the founder of Jamhuriyat.com. Currently he is working with news website India Tomorrow.
He is a Freelance Web Developer, Cyclist, Nature Lover. Worked many development projects and website including GCC. Currently working with Human Welfare Foundation.
She supervises the development & Promotion of a variety of digital campaigns including web advertisements, videos, and other media & stories.
Shabana Khatoon

ANSAR IMRAN SR urf Mohammad Imran Ansari was born on 8 January 1994 in Daburji, a village in Kapurthala district of Punjab. After his initial studies from his home district, he spent a long time in Chandigarh and Fatehgarh Sahib for higher education. After finishing his studies, he left the capital of a state and proceeded towards the capital of the country. Since 2015, he has been working with the country’s renowned organization “VISION 2026” in the field of social service. In 2018, he established “POSITIVE 2 INDIA” through which he started making a short but effective video about various cities and districts of the country.


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